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Manned Guarding
    We use dedicated security officers who can be available 24 hours a day. Our guards will patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism and any illegal activity. They will enforce laws on the property if required, deter criminal activity and address any other problems that might arise. Our guards write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shifts. Where possible we use digital systems to provide proof of presence and to streamline any administration.
    Enhanced Guarding
    For more exquisite assets or greater emphasis on employee protection, Arslan SRS has the versatility to provide Security Officers who are further certified in the recognition of terrorist threats, counter-terrorism, security screening (X-ray machine, bag search & hand-held metal detector), emergency and crisis response.
Event Security
    • We can provide security teams for a wide range of functions and events within the corporate and entertainment industries both in the UK and abroad. We have an event security manager who can liaise with the organiser or promoter of a function. We can offer advice regarding the best and mutually advantageous ways to create an enjoyable but secure atmosphere for all those attending the event.
It is our utmost priority to ensure that our clients can organise their complex and large-scale events with a peace of mind. Despite increasing risks and challenges in the security scene, we are well-prepared to meet all special event security needs.
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Arslan Security has a long history supporting Royal Visits, Major Sporting Events, Hospitality Programmes and Global Corporations.
  • Fifa World Cup 2018
  • PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018
  • Russia Confederation Cup 2017
  • Rio Olympics 2016
  • UEFA Euro 2016
  • Giro d ‘Italia 2011 – 2016
  • Formula 1 – Monza 2007 – 2015
  • Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
  • UK Royal Visit to Russia 2013
  • London Olympics 2012
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
  • Beijing Olympics 2008
  • Torino Winter Olympics 2006
  • Athens Olympics 2004
Acquisition & Leasing for Occupiers.
  • Necessary advices provided on the acquisition, disposition, financing and development any said real estate.
  • Preparation of purchase and sales agreement
  • Negotiationof development and construction agreements
  • Site Preparation
  • Site Survey
  • Subleases
Real Estate Solutions for both occupiers and investors.
  • Developing marketing & sales.
  • Provide best price for residential & commercial.
  • Provide study on market conditions & trends.
  • Handling business administration issues.
  • Work on all legal papers inclusive of vetting & closure of agreements.
Technology Services & Quality Management.
  • E-learning platform for training delivery.
  • 24/7 Monitoring room.
  • Workforce Management Tools.
  • Development and Management of ISO9001:2015 Standards.
Business Strategy Development.
  • Develop a vision statement.
  • Establish Set goals.
  • Complete business analysis.
  • Design processes and paths for business developments.
  • Occupancy
  • Managing client resources
  • Cost reduction
  • Reallocate & reduce cost
  • Change management
Competition Analysis for Investors.
  • Study on market trends.
  • Do field strategic research.
  • Collect and Review information.
  • Gather threat related information.
  • Growth of competitor position.
  • Finding the weakness and strength of related competitors.
Retail Services – End to End Solutions
  • Identify suitable locations for offices, warehouses.
  • Implement Automation Processes to streamline business operations.
Investment Accounting & Report Solutions.
  • Conduct periodical audits.
  • Working on company taxation & savings.
  • Create technology automation for local accounting and reporting solutions.
  • Analysis fund level.
  • Managing receivables and payables.